A Review Of Costa Rica Organic Retreat Centers – Anamaya Resort

The Anamaya Resort Center in Costa Rica is an organic retreat located in Montezuma. This yoga center has breathtaking views of the stunning ocean, and it provides a welcoming haven for those who are looking to renew their body, minds, and souls.

The Anamaya Center is best described as health resort that functions as a home away from home. However, this center boasts several features that are not found with many retreat centers in Costa Rica. This center has hill top panoramic views of the ocean. Once guests arrive, they instantly feel calm and at ease when they take a moment to gaze at all of the natural beauty that surrounds them.

The ambiance allows both guests and staff members the opportunity to get to know each other in a close and intimate setting. The hidden waterfall sounds like a lullaby that helps guests easily fall asleep at night, while the howling monkeys and roosters announce a new day at sunrise.


Most of the time you will find guests and staff members hanging out around the main quarters of the resort, but every cabin that is located on the property is private and full of organic décor. Each cabin boasts a spectacular view.
You can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset in the infinity pool filled with salt water with an ocean backdrop at the horizon.

At the Anamaya Resort Center guests can guests will enjoy sugar free, vegetarian dishes that are full of raw organic foods. Light protein foods such as chicken and fish are also served as well as a few dairy products. The nonvegetarian and vegetarian wraps are satisfying and delicious, and fresh fruit is abundantly available for snacks during the day.

Packages And Activities

The Anamaya Resort Center offers guests several packages such as:

Yin Yoga
• Raw Foods
• Cleansing and Detox
• Surfing
• Meditation
• Creative Arts

All of the daily activities begin with yoga in the early morning on a hillside deck. Guests can enjoy the view of the amazing blue ocean and the green mountains for miles.

Spa services are also available at the resort center and include:

• Scalp massage
• Deep tissue massage
• Swedish massage
• Thai massage
Myofascial massage
• Acupuncture

There is a waterfall near the resort center that is picture perfect, and it has ponds for divers to jump into the water. If you want to travel into town, Montezuma is close by and offers zip line tours, kayaking, hiking, dining and many more activities.

Tips To Remember While Staying At The Resort
The first thing that should be noted is that Anamaya Resort Center has a communal atmosphere. If you are a common traveler, this type of atmosphere may seem different than what you are used to experiencing when traveling. However, you should expect the staff members and other guests to interact with you regularly. Hopefully, you will make some new friends during your stay.

The beach town is within walking distance, but it is not an easy walk. The road from the resort to Montezuma is a long and dusty one. You may want to consider taking the ferry or even scheduling transportation in advance to get around during your stay.

The Anamaya Resort Center is an organic retreat that strives to create a memorable experience for its guests. It is the perfect place to restore and relax. If you can’t go to Costa Rica to attend this amazing retreat, checkout a great retreat right at home in California.